"Our Whirlwind Adventures" is the brain-child of Tara.
It's a blog about Life, Motherhood, Marriage...
...And to be honest, some good old fashioned whingeing.
Because sometimes, we don't want to whinge out loud for fear of sounding like our children.

Tara is a S.A.H.M of Master SMiss E & Little C.
She's also a Wife.
Sometimes a very good one, but it really depends on the day... 
(...and how much hair, if any, he's left to clog up the bathroom sink).

In a previous life she had interests that didn't include wiping other people's bottoms, separating fights where hair is sometimes pulled, or driving along singing "Old MacDonald had a farm".

She has since forgotten what said interests were.
This is often recognized as Baby Brain,
She prefers to recognize it as her body's way of coping with the fact she can no longer sleep for 12 hours+ without someone waking her for Coco-Pops, Breast Milk, or to plant a nude bottom on her head.

She can often be found hiding behind a camera, 
At the kitchen sink, pissing & moaning about how no-one helps by doing their own dishes,
(no, she doesn't care that they can't reach the sink, yet)

When she's not doing any of these things, she's either spending under two minutes in the shower, mentally choking her husband for filling the shampoo bottle with water, and as a result temporarily blinding her.
Or, she can be found here & here bitching.