Sunday, January 2, 2011

Midnight Madness.

So, it's that time of evening.
You know, the one where everyone is sleeping, yet for some reason you are unable to, so your brain feels it necessary to 'think' things.
Unfortunately for me, and you, as you are stuck reading this, my brain thinks irrational and crazy thoughts that can plague me for days, weeks, months.
I have found this to be true, mostly after I pick up, and get involved in a book that I am unable to put down.
Unfortunately, again, for me, and you, for reasons previously specified, I am currently reading Virginia Andrews. I know how these books make me feel if I read them, yet I still do it to myself. See, there are times when I just pick up the books and look over the words, as I am so familiar with them, my brain doesn't fully absorb the power of her words. Yet, there are times when I find myself inside the story, breathing the very air that she describes, and I am left disturbed... Disturbed, and blogging.!
I am currently involved (I won't say 'reading' because it's more to me than the mere perusal of words on paper) in 'Fallen Hearts'. For those of you who aren't familiar with Virginia Andrews...

A) Where the eff have you been hiding?
B) Here is a brief rundown of why this book seeps into my very existence and plagues my every thought, if I have no other distractions.

Heaven, the main character, has married her childhood sweetheart, Logan, but has just discovered her forbidden love, Troy, is still alive, and not dead, like she thought he was. Why is Troy her forbidden love!? you ask. Because he is Heaven's biological Uncle, as his older brother, Tony raped Heaven's mother, Leigh and conceived Heaven. As Leigh died in childbirth after shacking up with Luke, the hillbilly, Heaven was unaware of her true father's identity until after she had moved to Farthinggale Manor, & met and fallen in love with Troy. Now why, again you ask, would Heaven assume he is dead!? Well, it's simple. When Heaven's grandmother, Leigh's mother, Jillian, tells Troy that her second husband, Tony, is actually the father of Heaven, and is the reason why Leigh left their home and shacked up with hillbilly Luke, Troy attempts to suicide by riding Jillian's psychotic horse, Abdullah Bar, into the ocean. This attempt, clearly, failed, hence how Heaven made the discovery.

Now do you understand why I find this so difficult to remove from my head, and relax when I am not reading it.!? Actually, now that I have summed up the book to the point where I am up to, it sounds a little stupid. I assure you, it is less stupid than it sounds. Having said that, I would like to sum up this entry by saying... Jillian, I am glad you took tranquilizers and killed yourself, because you thought you were being haunted by ghosts, when you caught sight of Troy a few times, whom you assumed, like everyone else, was dead.! I hope you rot, wench.!!

At least by posting this, I put the darn book down for a little while :/

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