Friday, January 7, 2011

Sewing Machine.

I have a sewing machine.
Someone was giving it away, so my Mum & Dad collected it for me, as I don't have one.
I have a deep desire to sew.
I made my kids' Christmas stockings last year,
They turned out FABULOUS.
This has convinced me, I secretly have pro-sewer potential.
The only downfall is I do not understand how to thread a bobbin.
I now, after 10 years, know the PURPOSE of a bobbin, but I still need my Mum to thread it for me.
I think she'll have to teach me.
For now, I am going to fantasize about all the wonderful things I want to sew.
I want to sew pretty clothes for my kids.
I want to sew pretty nappies for them.
I want to sew pretty cushions & teddybears.
I am thinking a trip to Spotlight and Lincraft is a MUST in the next few weeks, just to give me some idea's, and hopefully, I can get some awesome bargains on materials to practice being a pro-sewer.!!


  1. Oh thats cool, I only just recently put a Jenome sewing machine on lay-by, when I get it out we can compare notes and have sewing comps lol!

    Also, whilst going through all my desktop junk I found a somewhat easy MCN make it yourself design.. it's in PDF format if you want me to send it your way.. lemme know


  2. Oh that would be fantastic, thank you.!
    The one I got is an older style Jenome. I do aim to have something more whiz-bang, but whilst I'm learning, it's not too bad for a freebie.!!

  3. Yeah, the one I have on lay-by isn't whiz-bang either lol... I'll email u over the pattern.