Wednesday, February 2, 2011

9 Loves.

1. My son, Master S. He's the reason I have gone from being a work-a-holic career in neatly pressed clothes, to the Mum with often unbrushed hair I am today. He's a lot of fun, and keeps me on my toes everyday. He's a bit of a bossy boots, and has a sense of humour I don't quite understand. He's a loving boy, and a rough nut. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine being a Mum, now, I couldn't imagine NOT being a Mum.

2. My daughter, Miss E. She was incredibly unplanned, but not unwanted. In all honesty, neither of my children were planned, but the minute I learned I was pregnant with both, I loved them immediately. It's taken me quite a bit to get used to having two children, and I think Miss E has settled into our little family quite nicely. Her brother is quite fond of her, too, so I think I'll keep her.!? She's a beautiful little girl, who is learning new things too quickly. I am thankful for having not one, but two, happy and healthy kids.

3. My husband. There are days I want to smack him so hard his head will turn a complete circle, but there are also days I just want to cuddle him all day long. He's my big, manly protector... who just happens to be in need of protection when he catches a glimpse of a spider. He's not only my husband, but he's my best friend. Despite his nasty habits of talking about poo, anuses, and all things bodily function related, not to mention his slight addiction to World of Warcraft, he's one of the kindest, loving and funny people I know.

4. Writing. The one thing I am good at, and enjoyed constantly throughout my life. I couldn't imagine a world where I could not communicate to other's, or to myself, through words. Writing is as easy to be as breathing. I love it, and need it, to stay sane.

5. Reading. My escape. My husband plays "World of Warcraft", I read. I enjoy sliding into a world described in detail by another person. I enjoy true stories, I enjoy fiction, I enjoy anything with a good plot, that can take me elsewhere and enrapture me whenever I turn the pages. My love of reading is one I hope to pass on to my children, and I read to them whenever I get the chance to [i.e. breastfeeding, before bed, in the afternoon before dinner]. I am pleased that my son has developed an interest in books, and will often bring me books of his choosing to read. I hope that he will continue to love reading, and hope my daughter will also develop this love. There is nothing more disappointing, to me, than having a child [or an adult] say they do not enjoy reading.

6. Chocolate. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a chocolate lover. I am not a believer that chocolate makes people fat. Sure, if you ate it everyday, combined with other unhealthy foods, and no exercise, then you would be fat, but chocolate alone does not cause anyone to be fat. I enjoy of a night time, curling up on my couch with my laptop, or book, and a block of chocolate. It's my way of treating myself, because I deserve a treat every now and again.

7. Law and Order: S.V.U. I have been addicted to this show for years. I know the intro to the show [and that of every other Law & Order] off by heart. I secretly want to bang Detective Stabler. If I miss an episode, I feel a bit lost. I love it.!

8. Facebook. Yes, I love it. I check it regularly, and never sign out, just in case I miss an update. I know it's lame, and should probably deactivate it, but I am too addicted to contemplate something so shocking.!

9. Sarcasm. My life is somewhat meaningless without it. I enjoy being sarcastic, and like retaliating to sarcasm with even more sarcasm. I don't like people who get all huffy about my use of sarcasm and ask "do you think you are funny?". That is the dumbest thing you can ask me. Having several people on the verge of spilling the contents of their bladder over the years is more than enough proof that I am funny. Unless, they just suffer from bad incontinence...? Whichever.

10. Myself. I am not up myself. I am not vain. I am just a sexy beast.! Haha, no seriously, I am a firm believer in people being unable to love me, if I cannot love myself so I love myself a lot, so that more people will love me. My motto is: "I love me, you should love me, too.!"

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