Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Place & Your's

Head on over to Hello Owl where Danielle hosts "My Place & Yours" every Tuesday.
This week, she wants to know the location of our toothbrushes, so if you have a toothbrush, snap a photo of it, and link up with the rest of us!

I'm a bit of a tooth brushing nut. My tooth brush is never put back into my tooth brush holder because I often brush my teeth after doing anything that will leave my mouth tasting funky.
[This is linked to an extensive childhood history with needing braces]

There she is sitting on the edge of my hideous purple sink.
Whoever decorated my house needs to be shot.
Also, I am a firm believer in Colgate being the shiznit.
Can you tell?


  1. I rather like the purple sink but I guess I don;t have to live with it. :-)

  2. The purple sink is freakin' awesome!!!