Monday, February 28, 2011

Sickness in the [once] Happy House.

The Happy House [i.e. where we live] is normally full of... well, happiness.

Today the Happy House has been the Quiet House.
We've been back at PlayGroup for two weeks,
and already illness has struck us.
We've had no colds,
No tummy upsets.
Nothing but pure health for months.
I knew it was too good to last.

It all started yesterday afternoon.
 Master S had a runny nose.
Master S started sneezing.
Master S started coughing so badly that last night he struggled to breathe.
I sat with him, nursed his body, not sleeping to cuddle him.
To let him know I can't take the cold away,
But that I love him, and am sad & worried that he's sick.
Master S has napped, a lot, and when he's not napping, he's laying around, worn out.
Don't get me wrong, he still has an occasional burst of energy, but shortly after he's run about,
He's in a heap, exhausted.
He's still got enough energy to give me smiles.
He's still got enough energy to sit with his sister and I, just reading together.
He's letting me take photo's of him, when normally he'd run away and yell "No MumMum".
He's being so brave,
But he's not himself.

Miss E is well.
But she is different.
Gentler with her normally rough as guts Big Brother.
She understands he's unwell,
And through his illness she's suffering.
She's lonely.
She wants her PlayMate.
Her bossy brother who says "No, Bub, ta?" when she tries to eat his toy cars.

I am often worn, ragged, and at my wit's end when Mr. M comes home from work,
Today, I was too.
Not because I was run off my feet,
But because I hate this.
I hate watching him suffer.
I hate watching Miss E suffer.
I know how awful I feel when ill, and I know his little body is suffering something he doesn't understand.
He's in pain.
I know he is, because he comes to me for cuddles saying "Ow, MumMum".
If I could fix this with cuddles, he'd be well again.

If anyone up there loves me,
I will not complain for a whole year about how busy, tired and exhausted I am.
Just take away the illness,
And make my little man well.
Make my Happy House noisy again.

This photo was taken an hour after his two and a half hour nap.
My poor little bub.

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  1. I hope everyone feels better soon and you get some noise!