Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embarrassing Bodies.

I don't know how many of my readers are familiar with this show [aside from my Mum, of course] but it's called "Embarrassing Bodies", and I love it.

For those of you who have never seen an episode,
it goes a little something like this:

I understand it's not supposed to be a comedy,
and it is doctors and patients discussing the "awkward" things that they suffer from.

As I do not have an extra large private region,
nor do I have a flippy, floppy broken willy &
my nipples aren't sprouting hair,
I am laughing it up through every episode.

Sure, you get the occasional "ugh, I have a foot, finger or eye fungus", but the majority of cases on this show are purely embarrassing cases, which leads to big laughs from me.

Now, I understand the issues are "embarrassing", but seriously, if you don't want people to giggle about the fact you could fly using your flaps,
then DON'T go on the show!

Another thing I have noticed is,
they created the show because some topics are embarrassing,
but in my view, if you are THAT ashamed or embarrassed that you cannot see your GP and get the issue addressed,
why go in broad daylight to a truck parked in the centre of London with "Embarrassing Bodies" emblazoned on the side?
I would love to go to London,
Sit back,
and speculate about what they are going on the truck for.
On top of the fact it's a hilarious television show,
it also has a hilarious website.

They have a gallery of bodies, so people can get a view of what is normal... and what is not so normal.
People post their health questions on there in the hopes of seeking medical advice.
Browsing the questions, I feel as though it would be relatively easy to go on there and answer people's questions for them.

Introducing Dr. Tara.

Q. Hello im 16, and i've been having problems when orgasming. Whenever i have an orgasm, 5 minutes after i get really bad abdominal pain and eventually bleed for a short while. I have had a full body screening and everything was fine, i had no sti's. This is really starting to worry me and would like it if you could possible tell me what was wrong please?

A. Well, from what I can gather, your solution is simple. Based on the fact you find sex painful, cannot spell and use very poor grammar, you need to cease having intercourse and go to school. Seriously, you are 16. Put your knickers back on!

If you have any medical issues that you feel I can assist you with, feel free to email me.
Or not...

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  1. I am having sound issues with my pc at the moment so i will check the clip out later..

    Loving your, opps i meant Dr Tara's advice! ;)