Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspired by Glowless. [RE: The Ugly Truth]

This post was inspired by Glowless @ Where's My Glow?


When I thought of babies, I thought of that sweet smell,
the sound of their newborn cries,
and those cute little button noses.

That was until the Nurofen for babies advertisement circulated.
The baby at 00.14 seconds, changed the image I had of babies forever.
He resembled a baby version of Freddy Kruger.

Don't believe me?

Now you believe me.

The day [or should I say night] I found out I was pregnant,
I was shit scared of the unknown that I was in for.
Then as I came around to the idea,
I was excited.
I was going to be a Mummy.

I was already engaged to be married, and was in the middle of planning my wedding,
when my Nightmare in Law decided to show me photo's of my husband to be as a baby.

I was keen to have a squiz because he was so darn handsome,
I couldn't wait to see what he looked like.
I was a cute baby,
I am not up myself,
I actually was.

I grew up to be alright looking,
So I assumed Mr. M and I were on a genetic winner.
We were both sexy people.
How could we go wrong?


I can safely say all my dreams during my pregnancy were plagued by this.

I was afraid that I would have a feral baby.
Not just that I would have a feral baby, but that my mother who's never been one for tact would tell me I had a feral baby.

Now, I am one who cannot openly tell someone they have ugly children,
but I found myself taking a leaf out of my Mum's book that day as we both gasped in horror and told my Nightmare in Law that she had an ugly child.
She was horrified, and denied that he was ugly.
I told her, repeatedly, he was in my Top 3 for ugliest babies I have ever seen.

Mr. M was upset.
He didn't realise he was ugly until he saw what cute babies look like.
[i.e. me as an infant, and luckily, our children].

And, be honest now,
if you found out the person who'd impregnated you once looked like this:

Wouldn't you have nightmares, too!?


  1. PMSL! You have a top 3? The Nurofen kid, the Hubby and...? Do I wanna know or will I be scarred for life?

  2. I have seen a few ugly babies, unfortunately for them, and me, but I really only have a top two of scary babies. Hubby & Freddy Kruger are definitely my top two! Luckily for me, despite hubby having a massive head, he grew into it, and our kids do not possess this trait!