Sunday, March 27, 2011

Verbal Diarrhoea in Blog Form.

Master S is asleep. Miss E, as I write this, is happily playing with her hairbrush. Just watching her makes me wish I had baby sized hair ties so I could give her piggy tails in an attempt to make her look a little less bald.
She has two teeth. She cut the first one on the 23rd of March. Master S found it when he bit her arm and she bit him right back. He came up to me crying, as if I was supposed to punish her. He'd just done it to her, so naturally, I was screwed. I couldn't tell him off and not tell her off, and vice versa. So I sat them down together and tried to explain that biting is mean and it hurts feelings as well as flesh. We only use our teeth to eat food, and to flash a big smile, not to bite. When met by blank faces I decided to rip off "Yo Gabba Gabba" and sing "We don't bite our friends". Just remembering it makes me cringe. They haven't bitten each other since, but he's 2 and she's now 8 months old, as if they could comprehend any of the shit I said to them. She got her second tooth yesterday. She's still being breastfed, I found the tooth. All I can say is "OUCH".

Master S has been a bit of a worry. His skin has taken on a pasty "ick" colour. He doesn't eat vegetables, so I linked his colour to this. I had tried almost everything to get him to eat veggies [even hiding them in his food and he could sense them there and refused to eat] until my Mum suggested getting him to help me do the shopping and choose what he wants, and then let him help cook. Turns out he chose a basket full of fresh apples, grapes, carrots, broccoli and even some V8 Fruit & Veg juice. After getting him to help me cook, I didn't even have to hide the veggies, because he was happy just to help prepare it. Tonight we are having spaghetti. I'll see if he wants to put some vegetables in the sauce. If not, I will on his behalf. His skin has returned to his normal healthy brown colour and he's got a lot more energy than he has had of late. He was so excited about making "Stanley's stuffed sausage boats" [fry a sausage, cut a pocket in the middle, stuff it with mashed veggies, sprinkle some cheese and pop it in the oven until the cheese melts] that he did a "happy dance". The happy dance resulted in him tripping and hitting his eye on the table. He now has a scratch/graze near his eye. He cried for two seconds, then continued his happy dance, much to my dismay.

Our mouseys are going great. Angelina Ballerina did a runner during playtime with the kids. This resulted in Mr M. and I chasing the little bugger back and forth under our chair. She's banned from playtime with the kids. Cathy FreeMouse [regardless of being fast] is not stupid. She knows if she escapes, she won't get fed. Therefore, she's happy to tolerate being poked, prodded and in one incident with Miss E, squeezed.

The kids had a play date with their friend from PlayGroup Master A on Friday. Master A has a turtle, too. So while the kids were playing with his turtle [who's head is about the same size as Yurtle's whole body] Master A's Mummy & I relaxed, chatted, and I got some turtle-y advice. She gave me some guppies who now live with Yurtle. He likes their company. When they realise he's going to grow and probably eat them all, I don't think they'll want to be around him a whole lot.

Ajax the Blue-Tongue & MacGyver the Fighting Fish are going alright. Ajax and I are pretty good mates. He knows never to come near me, and I won't go near him. He was laying on his rock with his eyes closed the other day, and I did get a small stick and nudged him with it to make sure he wasn't dead. Turns out he was alive, and wasn't impressed with being annoyed. MacGyver tends to look depressed. I figure it's the pretty colours he has to wear that make him depressed looking. The rainbow scales sure can demasculate a fish. No wonder I often catch him swimming around his fish bubble with a pout. Or, it could be that he's a fish and they are supposed to look like that? Either way, I have had some concern about his mental well being, and Mr. M. thinks I'm being stupid when I ask if there's such thing as a "fish whisperer".

Does anyone know if there is such thing as a fish whisperer? Could he be depressed because we have him living in a 90's style fish bubble tank that hangs on our wall?

I'd buy him some company except he's a fighting fish and any other kind of fish would look ugly next to him in a tank, and he'd kill another fighting fish...

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