Friday, April 22, 2011

I really HATE my Neighbours.

Well, it's that time again.
You know, the time I am supposed to be sleeping and something pisses me off and ruins my plans of sleep, thus resulting in me ranting.
Yet again, it's my not-so-neighbours.
I have blogged about these turds before.

They live on the other side of the road several houses down, so technically anything they do should not impact on my life as they aren't my neighbours.

Turns out, they do shit that DOES impact on my life, regardless of not being my neighbours.
It's their darn music again.
I know, I sound old.
But it's really awful.
I once went to a nightclub. It was my Year 10 formal and after the ringing in my head that I suffered for three days afterward, I never went back to one. Ever.
Their music, now remember they live a fair way down the street, is WORSE than a nightclub.
It is loud, can be heard perfectly from inside my house, over the music I have playing through my headphones, and is often full of content that makes me want to cover my sleeping kids' ears and scream, 'won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?'

If they played their music, yelling over the top of it, and smashing their beer bottles by throwing them on their driveway during the day, I wouldn't be so bothered, but at 1am, something's gotta give.

I understand today is a public holiday, and if it were a one off, I wouldn't whine about it so much. But, it's every night. Seriously, every single night! And they start at about 10pm and go through until about 4 or 5am!

I always admire the state of their squalor when I drive past after they've had a big night and am often surprised no-one has died on their front lawn.
The home is a public housing home.
I am not judging people who live in public housing AT ALL, but a lot of people who are in the public housing community do get judged harshly because of people like my not-so-neighbours, which is completely unfair.

When Hubby and I were house hunting, due to severe overcrowding at Mum's we were met with a lot of rejections based on the fact we had kids and had no references as we'd never lived out of home. We were never given a chance. These people make more noise and do more damage to properties than my kids could manage if I actually let them do it, yet they get houses to live in (or in their case, mis-treat) easier than we did.


At least my Hubby has a full time job!
One can only assume the fact that these people play music and try to sing, scream and swear over the top of it at all hours of the night cannot hold jobs, so I am curious as to what on earth possesses anyone, least of all public housing (who couldn't even help my little family and we needed it) to give these people somewhere to dwell!?

Call the police, I hear you say!?
I've thought about it.
What stops me?
They intimidate me. I'll admit, the thought of crossing them alarms me. They are the kind of people who have, either, been, or belong, in a prison.

We live on a street with mainly older people, who are often in bed early, not to be seen until early morning, when the not-so-neighbours are winding down. With two young kids, it's not uncommon for our lights to go on once or twice a night. I worry if I rang the police they'd see the only other house with signs of life on our street during the night is our's and our home and vehicles would be targetted by their empty beer bottles. They've even ridden past on their scooters (yes, it's a common meeting ground for the teens of our town) and eyed off my Hubby's pride and joy that sits completely unprotected (aside from the security system) in our driveway.

The police have been there once since we've lived here. I didn't call them, but I peeped, and the minute the police left their property, the music was back up again anyway, louder (if possible) than before, obviously as their way of annoying the troubled neighbour further.

I like having a home (obviously) and as much as I am thankful our landlord gave us a chance to have a home, part of me is hoping someone else gives us a chance when our lease runs out because I am not keen on renewing it if they still live around here.

They are a nightmare!

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  1. :Meep: I hope you find a much better place to live after this experience.