Sunday, October 9, 2011

SnazzyBaby Review!

When doing most things with two children under three, life can get hectic.
Going shopping can turn very bad, very quickly, and it's been a long time since I left the house without a second pair of adult hands to help me.
So naturally, when I received an email from SnazzyBaby asking if I'd try out and review their products,

I nearly wet myself in excitement.
Well, I assume it was excitement,
[Little did I know, I am actually pregnant again so that's a reason for my need to do a wee every five minutes]

As soon as my parcel arrived in the mail,
I squealed, loudly.
Not only because I was actually in the middle of a nudey run and almost got busted by the delivery man,
but because these items, if they worked as well as I hoped,
meant that I could venture out of the house, albeit, without any spare hands to assist me with baby wrangling.

Within minutes of having the boxes torn open like a kid on Christmas,
Miss E was sporting her very spunky Knee Pads.

And boy, did she need them.
Her knees are forever scabbed up because if she's not falling,
Master S is pushing her over,
and with a hard working lifestyle like she has,

Working Hard Building a Snake Enclosure for their Scaly Friend!

Won't somebody PLEASE think of her knees!?

Despite the fact these things are just too cute and come in four different colours, they actually protect her knees.
No more scabs. In fact, the one's she had are healed. But a memory.
It's delightful!
The fact they are pink and match almost everything she wears, mean that she can get away with wearing them everywhere.
And she does!

The mother-load, the cream of my Mummy crop, that caused me to fall deeply and madly in LURVE is this little baby...

[Not the kid, I mean sure, I love her, but, I mean her mode of transport!]

Not the most flattering of photo's, but you see how it fits!
Oh, and don't ask what has caught our attention, because I don't remember :/

Carrying her around like this means, my hands are free, she's not running around getting into mischief or lost if I go shopping, and it makes it pretty easy to shop if I'm only managing Master S who is usually pretty content with holding my hand.

Unfortunately, with my new "el pregnanto" status, I am officially "banned" from using this, but I really only think I'm banned because Hubby likes using it, in my place.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the Travel Chair on my Mum's Laptop,
but rest assured,
it's just as excellent as the knee pads & combo carrier.
It provides extra protection everywhere, and since Miss E now loathes her highchair,
this means she can sit on a regular chair, while being perfectly safe.

If you are keen to have a squiz at any of these items or if I've won you over to the point of you wanting them, you can follow the links provided, or you can pop on over to:

I'm in love.
Real, forever kind of love.
Trade your husband for all these items if I have to kind of love.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary pair of Snazzy Baby Knee Pads, My Baby's Own Deluxe Travel Chair, Mum's Deluxe 3-in-1 Combo Carrier & a pair of Snazzy Baby Legwarmers. No payment was received or offered for the publishing of this post.
 All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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