Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, it's happening again...

I'm back in the game. The 'game' being 'posting about the poop'. I know, you're probably sitting at home, in the lap of luxury, eating a beautiful home cooked meal & groaning that I simply must post about faecal matter while you're trying to chow down, but won't somebody PLEASE, think of the children.

(SideNote: Children on this occasion means Me!)

Little C is a great baby. She doesn't cry much, sleeps through the chick-in-a-horror-movie-wearing-heels-while-trying-to-escape-the-fast-approaching-killer squeals that her older brother has adopted of late & really, is just overall delightful.

She's exquisite.
She has beautiful long fingers, that of which I imagine will be banging away on a musical instrument when she's older.
She has petite, dainty little dancer's legs and, you can probably already sense where I'm going with this, which, although are quite adorable, just cannot fill in the leg holes of a nappy properly.

Disposable, OSFM Cloth, Small Cloth, it doesn't matter. She's just too itty bitty on the bottom half of her body. I don't know where she gets it from. I wish it were me.

Anyway, my point being, just as Hubby dished up our delicious dinner, and I was relishing in the fact that he is my kitchen slave tonight, before realizing I'm on dishes duty & he uses every darn dish in the house, it happened.

First, it was a fart so loud, I thought it came from Hubby. Second, it was a sloppy sound of poop oozing, and my initial disgust that at 26 years old he's not toilet trained properly, closely followed by the realisation that it was Little C, and I had to clean her.

I can deal with poop. When it's contained. But when it defies all laws of, whatever laws pertain to poop, and covers her beautiful white suit... UP NEAR HER NECK, I cannot cope with that. Who could?

It resulted in a bath... for her.
A change of clothes... for both of us.
Lots of laughter at the sheer horror on my face while I'm moaning 'OH MY GOD, THE HORROR!' and,
Me being unable to face the mashed sweet potato on my plate that resembled (in appearance, not odour) the crap that I just had to clean off my infant, and as a result, myself.


Will I ever get used to poop?
Did anyone else know tiny people make a giant mess?
And does anyone know how the heck I'm supposed to keep this shit (pun intended) contained.!?


  1. I found that the only way I could keep poo contained when my boys were that little is to use bamboo fitted nappies with PUL covers (I used Baby Beehinds). With Wombat in particular, who had really skinny legs relative to his torso size, all in one nappies and disposables used to leak everywhere. I found that even putting a PUL cover over a small all in one worked well. Good luck with it!

  2. Skinny butts on my boys too, I also used Baby Beehinds Magic alls most of the time. And at night I would use the PUL cover over a sposie.

    Seriously funny!!