Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I was one of those Mama's who couldn't understand why, after ten months of carrying your child, you'd want to constantly carry them after they're born.

The minute Master S was born, no way in heck was he held 24/7. He was born during a heatwave that continued until he was about four months old. He was on the same page as me, aside from breastfeeding, hot, sweaty cuddles were not ideal for either of us.

Miss E was born in Winter, and as much as I didn't want it to happen, her cry sounded like she was being murdered if I put her down, so I had no choice but to lug her around. She was a brooch, and I found it was with her that selective hearing became my best friend. Tune her out if she didn't need anything and was crying for the sake of it, or go insane and never get anything done.

If I'm honest, I'd never even heard of baby wearing until I started blogging and came across Good Googs where author Zoey is a proud baby wearer. I knew carriers for infants existed, but I'd only heard the horror stories about how babies have been injured falling out of them, and decided it wasn't for me. Until now.

Little C is not a 'brooch baby' like Miss E was but because she is my last baby, I just want to bury myself in baby cuddles and never put her down.

Not to mention, I have been known to go shopping with three children, and it seems my local supermarket doesn't believe in enough trolleys with infant seats. The only pram I own is a whizz-bang double pram, and it's perfect to cart the girls around in, but Master S walking along with me... NIGHTMARE!

So, I decided to purchase a HugABub Ring Sling, after researching a gazillion wraps, slings and baby carriers. Then, and only then, I could put both Master S and Miss E in the pram, while still carting Little C around, and not lose either a child or my mind...

Or what's left of it...

And all I can say, after having it for an hour is, I am in love! Forever love. I can actually breastfeed while doing the dishes! No, I don't have a dishwasher (if you don't include me, that is) so it's all old school hand washing around here, and I can do THAT, and still relish in my baby goodness!


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