Monday, January 3, 2011

Cloth Convert.!

I know it was only yesterday I was trying my daughter in cloth nappies to see whether her irritated skin would clear, but I am most definitely in love. Her skin is a lot less irritated, already, and she's so much more comfortable. I am surprised at many of the other positive changes I have noticed. For one, my little Miss has had her health centre nurse a tad concerned as the creases on the back of her legs never lined up. I was told her hips were fine, but was advised the non-aligning of her creases was unusual. Since I've used the cloth, I've noticed, they line up a lot better, as the cloth can be pulled tighter than the disposables, and this makes it easier to pull her hips in. She's also, been a lot more active than she was in disposables.

Don't get me wrong, I am impressed that at five months old, she could get on her hands and knees and shuffle crawl, but since I put that first cloth nappy on her, yesterday, she's been pulling herself up to sit, as well as moving her knees to try crawling, properly.

I have ordered some more nappies off eBay and look forward to receiving them, and increasing our supply. Sure, I've had to deal with a little more washing, but, I've had less rubbish. We've, actually, had LESS soiled clothes, much to my surprise. She went to BED in a cloth, and woke up with dry pajamas & sheets. I am incredibly happy with the conversion, and judging by Little Miss' attitude, and ever-lasting smiles, so is she.!

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