Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 04 [Favourite Book]

I first read "Montana 1948" in 2004.
I was in Year 11 and it was one of the books we had to study for English.
I didn't read it until halfway through the term, after weeks of doing work & essays on it. I bluffed my way through the topic, with no knowledge & figured I should, probably, lift my game, and read the book.
I completed this book in under 4 hours.
I struggled to put it down, as immediately, the words jumped out and transported me to the time & place in which the author described in the first few pages.
I have heard many people say it's dry, boring & uninteresting.
I, personally, adored it. The characters, the setting & the storyline all appealed to me. Due to the criticism I have heard the book receive by my peers & past teachers, I do not recommend it to anyone, rather than let them discover it for themselves, if they so choose. I still have my copy, which I read, & re-read, when I need to have some time alone, to enjoy something by myself. I still have the grey-lead notes on the pages from where I had to analyze the book, repeatedly, for school, but quite enjoy opening the book without having to delve too much into the language used, and having a good old read.

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