Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 07 [A photo that makes you happy]

This is one of the many photo's I have that make me happy. It was my "Grandparent's Day" at Kindergarten. It's an old picture, and I look ridiculous, but at the time, I am sure I was very proud of both my outfit and to have a photo taken with my Poppa, who was my favourite person in the whole world.

Looking at this photo makes me feel a number of things: happiness, a little sadness, that he's no longer with us, but more than anything it makes me wish he was here to have met my children, and to accompany them to their "Grandparent's Day" at Kindergarten, but I know he's watching over us everyday, and he will be at every major event in our lives from here on, in our hearts & memories ♥

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