Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today was quite possibly one of the worst days of my life.
It all began this morning. The day started like any other.
Mr M. woke up and went to work.
I took the kids out to the lounge-room. Sat with them for a little before going to run them a bath.
The kidlets had their Aunty Three staying over, and she stayed with Miss E. in the loungeroom whilst I undressed Master S. in the bathroom to lift him into the bath.
As I bent over, picked him up, I heard [and felt] the biggest crack in my back.
I was frozen. Hunched in half. Trying to stand caused me the worst pain I've ever felt in my life.
[Bearing in mind I have been in labour twice, drug-free, and THIS was the worst thing I have ever felt].
My legs went numb, my head felt light, I collapsed.
I have never felt so scared in my life.
Master S. got incredibly distressed.
I was in tears.
I called my sister who gave me the phone to call Mum.
If she hadn't stayed over, I would have been stranded.
Mum & Dad rushed over, and Dad helped me get out onto the couch.
I collapsed there as these constant waves of pain took over my body and shot pain & tingling down my legs.
Laying still was a nightmare, moving was worse.
I couldn't bathe my kids, couldn't make them breakfast, couldn't play with them, couldn't even change a nappy.
An ambulance was called. They gave me some pethadine. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance.
My whole day was hazy.
I was given panadol, nurofen, and endone.
I was in and out of sleep all day.
The pain eased, but I was so drowsy.
I was released, feeling stiff, cramped, but not all bad.
The pain relief medications have since worn off.
I'm now, feeling incredibly weak & need help, just to stand up to go to the toilet.
It's awful.
Master S. is having another sleep-over at his Nana's house tonight, and luckily for me, Mr M. has an R.D.O tomorrow and is going above and beyond to look after me, as well as doing everything for Miss E. [except feed her] as I can't even bend, or pick my little Princess up without causing myself pain.
I have been advised the pain should lessen in two weeks, and be almost 90% gone in a month if it is a slipped disc, as they suspect. If it's not gone in a month, then they will need to perform an MRI and find out what it is I have done to myself.
I feel like an invalid. I do not like relying on other people, least of all to look after my kids, but the constant help I have been offered, just proves to me, further, how incredibly lucky I am to have such wonderful people around me.
I have an amazing, supportive family, and I am glad to have them.

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