Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14 [A non-fictional book]

So I'm reading this one.
"Hidden" by Cathy Glass.
It's pretty good.
Not as good as other books I've read by her [i.e. "Cut" & "Damaged"].
Maybe I don't find this one as good because it ends so 'happily'.
I know it's a horrid thing to be disappointed by a typical happy ending, but it seemed a bit unrealistic despite being completely true.
Does that, even, make sense.!?
Maybe, I find this book disappointing this time around because it's the book I chose to read after getting ensnared in my Virginia Andrews' cycle previously mentioned. All I know is, I am just going to end up reading all the novels I have by Cathy Glass when I am finished this one, and embarking on another journey of vicious cycles... *SIGH*

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