Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I decided against those nappies I posted an over excited blog about. Had I looked into it further, I wouldn't have been so disappointed. Sure $90.00 for 30 nappies was a wonderful idea, but the $60.00 postage kind of killed it for me. I decided to go for 20 nappies for $80.00 instead, with free postage, and paid for them this evening. I'm getting two of each colour. This time I decided to choose and not have them sent at random, and I figured since they only have 10 colours/patterns, I may as well get two of each one.

I also, posted a bag to a woman who has a girly nappy she won't be needing [as she's pregnant with a baby boy] and she's giving me the nappy, which cost me just the price of postage. Win for me. Two lots of "fluffy" mail coming. I am too excited, and cannot wait.! Be prepared for a tonne of photo's of my little angel sporting different coloured panties, when I hassle her with the camera after every nappy change.!

*Image can be found here

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  1. My 'China cheapies' have become my all time favorite. I ordered 10, then ordered 10 more. I really love them and at $6 each if they only last half the time I'll still stoked! They look really well made, and I can always replace the boosters. These ones in your pic are great colours!