Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 [A hobby of yours]

I just noticed it's the 20th of January. How quickly this month has flown.
9 days and it's my husband's 25th birthday.
I am looking forward to the day.
He's one of those "don't get me anything" and "I'm just happy with a card" type people.
The type of people that get more excited than a child when they are given presents, because I am one of the "like hell I'm only getting you a card" type people.
He's not getting a present he can unwrap off us, this year, though.
I won't divulge what it is here, until he's received the gift.
But I know he's going to love it.

Now, onto my "hobby".
A hobby, by definition is: an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one's spare time.

I am a Mum of two.
As any Mum, be it a Mum of one, or a Mum of five will know, spare time is scarce. Spare time is the two minutes I run to the loo, and pee only because my poor bladder physically cannot hold it in any longer, I barely have time to close the door before a chubby hand yanks it open and stands there pointing and giggling at me. Spare time is the two minutes that I duck to the shower of a morning, often with a toddler peeking through the shower screen door and blowing on the glass like a fish while I do a mad once over scrub to get out and see to the other child I just saw crawl past the door up the hallway. Spare time is the five minutes I spend doing my washing & hanging it out, often with a toddler dragging my clean and/or wet clothes out of the washing basket while I bend down with another child on the hip, to collect it and gently tell him to help Mummy pick it up... then more firmly to knock it off when he ignores me, just so the neighbour, who thinks it's lovely to hear children at play doesn't think I'm a heinous bitch for losing my cool. Spare time is the hour and a half my toddler and 5 month old are napping during the day after completely trashing our house, which leaves me just enough time to do a massive clean-up only to have them wake and undo everything I have just cleaned. Spare time is the moment they are asleep at night... so what do I do then? I blog.

There you have it. My hobby is blogging. Go me.!

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