Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out of Town in Cloth Nappies.

Tomorrow, as I've previously mentioned we are packing up in the car and heading to the Melbourne Zoo for the day. It's an earlier start than normal, and most of the morning will be spent in the car, but since the kids and I haven't really gone out anywhere [except to Mum's and the shops] since Christmas, I am sure they'll find the trip exciting and won't kick up too much of a fuss about the travel.

As it is our first major venture for 2011, many will know it's also, our first major venture in cloth. I was a bit hesitant on having a "cloth nappy day out", but then I pushed that hesitation aside and said to myself "We are cloth converts. We're going on a trip, and we're clothing it up, damn it". I've ditched the disgustables, and I refuse to put Miss E. in them for the day just because it's convenient. She's comfortable in cloth, she's used to cloth, she's wearing cloth. Luckily we're travelling to the Zoo by car, so if we have a mis-hap, I am carrying means in which to store them, until we get back, where I can wash them.

I don't want to be left short for the day so am carrying as many as she'd normally go through, plus some extra. To any other Cloth Nappy users:

How did you handle your first big venture in cloth!? How many did you carry and was it enough, or did you have an "Oh shit, we're out" situation!?

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  1. We travel everywhere in cloth. It's just what we do. I don't see any difference in it being harder. For the times we have travelled for days, there's always a machine to wash. I'm so used to cloth now that there is no inconvenience for me. The only time I'd think to take sposies would be camping, but I don't plan on doing that anytime soon:) Let us know how your zoo trip went!