Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 [Your day, in great detail]

What can I say about the day that was?
Errr, LOTS.
Hold on now, we're off.

The day started as normal as any other day with the exception of being woken by one giggling child instead of two giggling children & someone lifting my eyelids for me, because my body cannot do THAT alone first thing in the morning.
Miss E. and I spent the morning doing great stuff. Reading, crawling around, playing with Master S' toys, what have you. She's 6 months old now. Had her booked for her immunizations AND a health centre appointment today. How keen am I?

The nurse cancelled our immunizations appointment because she was unwell, which is fair enough. I wouldn't want any other nurse doing it anyway. I've developed a fondness for the nurse that stabs my kids. Sounds a bit odd, I know. She's a rough looking & sounding bird, tells it like it is, but she's likeable, loves her job & is solid in her beliefs. It's comforting to know she won't give them a needle & stop if they scream, she does it quickly & within moments, she has them smiling again.

Our health centre appointment went ahead. The nurse [who was a replacement while the usual cow is on leave] was friendly & didn't criticize me. That's a nice change, because I am a bloody awesome mother and hate being lectured, when I am there to get my children weighed, measured and checked out. She praised me on my efforts, didn't make me feel weak for not always having energy, and had an awkward sex talk with me. Miss E is above average in weight and length. I was even told she was advanced in her development... because I didn't catch onto that when she started pulling herself up to stand at 5 months old.!?

We spent a fair bit of time at Mum's with Master S [before & after our Health Centre appointment]. He & Miss E missed each other and played together very happily. We, also, organized a trip out to have a barbecue for dinner. For once, Mr. M agreed to come along. I was looking forward to having some 'us' time & playing with the kids.

We got our food in, and were just about to get some photo's when Master S jumped off his seat at the table, slid & banged his head. He had a little cry, whilst we all scrambled for ice... when I saw the blood. I've seen him split his lip open, numerous times, but this was a LOT of blood, by my standards & I'll be stuffed if I didn't panic & cry. I cried more than he did.

Mum, Mr. M, Miss E & I made our way to the hospital  with Master S [all the while, he was calm, happy, and hyperactive] where I was informed the blood I saw running was where ice was rubbed on the wound. This helped calm me down heaps, but we still wanted to get it looked at because it was impossible to check it, as he has so much hair, and an allergy to sitting still. We got to one hospital, where the wait was ridiculous, and the risk of him walking away with an illness from the waiting room was incredibly high.

We decided, since Master S. was okay, we'd leave there, suss out how busy our local hospital was, and if there was no luck, just clean it up at home and keep an eye on him. We got to our local, where Master S. was running through the waiting room, spinning around & acting silly [regardless of his injury]. When called into the triage shortly after we were pleasantly surprised to find the nurse was going to grab a doctor to look at him so we didn't have to wait in the waiting room for hours with two small kids.

The doctor came in, inspected his head, said he's need some glue to close it up. She said we could leave it, but it'd be better to glue it, to help it heal quicker. She, then, more than happily said she'd do it while we were in the triage, rather than send us back out into the waiting room. Mum held Master S., while I held his hand. He buried his head into Mum, and stayed incredibly still. He didn't cry, he just breathed in and out as the doctor sealed the wound with some glue. After it was done, he reached out to me for a cuddle, and he was his happy self again.

After 15 - 20 minutes at the hospital, we were on our way home. Master S., has been completely oblivious to his wound, so much so, that I feel a tad stupid for making such a big to-do about it. He's now, several hours afterwards, snoring his head off. Miss E. is also, snoring her head off. She was very supportive of her brother at the hospital, kept him happy, and actually cried for him when he hurt himself.

We've planned to have another outing on Australia Day.
This time, Master S. is wearing a helmet.
I can't complain too much. I spent some quality time with my family... at the hospital.
When we got home, I was rapt that Mr. M. didn't jump on WoW, but rather sit with me on the couch, whilst the kids played together, discussing things he'd like to do to his car... the way we used to.
Things are looking up.
I hope.!?

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  1. What a day! - am going to have to use Allergy to Sitting Still - describes my Lachie perfectly!