Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is Australia Day?

Tomorrow is Australia Day.

If you have responded to that statement with "really!?" and your response was not sarcastic then YOU, my friend, are as Aussie as they come.
What can I say about January 26th? I love my country, don't get me wrong, even though I can't tell you what state Darwin is in, but I just see "Australia Day" as being an excuse for us Aussies to be typical Australians...

Having a day off for no bloody reason, and setting off fireworks.!

I do not run around waving Aussie flags with my kids on Australia Day.
My kids DON'T wear Australia flag printed outfits on the day.
And, I don't have a Southern Cross tattoo.

I'm sorry if this seems I don't love my country, but I do. I love it enough to enjoy it EVERYDAY.!
I love it enough to let my kids wave a flag around whenever they feel like it. I love it enough to let my kids wear the Aussie flag printed clothes, whenever they choose to wear them. And lastly... yeah, I'm making no excuse for not having a Southern Cross tattoo, except they look ridiculous & most people who have them don't own shoes. Just my observation, don't get your knickers in a twist if you have one & do wear shoes.

In conclusion to my nonsensical blog post about Australia Day, I would like to finish up with:

Stone the flamin' crows, ya mongrel.

What are your thoughts on Australia Day?

UPDATE: I now know which state Darwin is in. Haha. Thanks for the geography lesson.! xx


  1. Darwin is in the Northern Territory... :)

  2. Australia Day is about chillin with your buddies and relishing that we have the day off to be grateful for where we live and who we are! x

  3. Australia day is about the Big Day Out (if u live in Sydney) it is also my 6 year anniversary of knowing someone who is very dear to my heart...