Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26 [Your week, in great detail]

Thursday [20.01.2011].

The day we travelled to the Melbourne Zoo.
As I have blogged this trip in detail, I will share what happened AFTER we got home.
My friend was coming up to visit us, so we got home to find she'd gone to the movies with my sister whilst she was waiting for us. The kids stayed up to wait for her, and in this time had a bath, helped me unwrap the fluffy mail that was delivered while I was out, and watched Larry the Lawnmower. By the time she arrived after dropping my sister home [and bringing with her some more fluffy mail that was delivered to my Mum's house for me] it was incredibly late, the kids were incredibly hyperactive, and I was incredibly WRECKED.!

Friday [21.01.2011]

The following day, I awoke early with Miss E, whilst the house was otherwise asleep. Hubby had gone to work, my friend & Master S. were still asleep. I must have dozed off for an hour because when I awoke Miss E. was still napping next to me after having her breakfast, my friend was awake, but still no Master S. About half an hour later he woke.
He had his breakfast, played with my friend, his sister & I, had a bath, and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. We wandered around to the milk bar, where Master S held my hand for the WHOLE trip. It was an amazing effort. At the milk bar the new owner gave him a Freddo while we were waiting for our chips and dim-sims. When they were ready, we took our lunch and started home. My friend made a joke about how people in our town mustn't like being paid, and held open her hand, which was full of the change we'd raided our purses for prior to our walk. She said I could have the change, joy for me.
That night we were invited out for dinner. The kids' ate free with every adult meal purchased, along with an ice-cream and drink. Miss E. slept through dinner, while the potato and gravy the cook made her for free sat on the table going cold, and Master S. was fed his spaghetti by Pa, and ate TWO bowls of ice-cream, before going outside to play on the PlayGround. When we got home, he went to bed & Miss E. did battle with 'Penny', the doll she got for Christmas that is almost the same size as her/ arch-nemesis, before she went to bed.

Saturday [22.01.2011]

My friend left before we woke up to head home to Ballarat.
We said our 'goodbyes' the night before, so I knew there was a chance I wouldn't be seeing her. I don't blame her, the drive between here and her home is a nightmare, so I'd be getting it over with as soon as I could, too.
My kids and I had a pretty low key Saturday, as you do when the past few days have been crazy & full of outings.
I made a roast for dinner, as Mr. M. would be home at 5pm, instead of his usual 7pm, so we settled back into our normal routine for all of 24 hours.

Sunday [23.01.2011]

I decided to take the kids to Nana's and Pa's for the day.
Master S was due to have a sleep-over at their place, but neither kid had seen their Uncle or Aunty One for a few days [as they work] so I thought it'd be nice to take them over to spend the day with them.
"U" as he is known by the kidlets was home, and they loved seeing him. Aunty One, was not.
The kidlets spent the day with "U", before Mum, Dad, Miss E, Master S & I went out to the shops.
On the way home we came across a garage sale, where Mum bought me a bigger television than the one we have for $5.00. WIN.!
We left Master S. at Nana's, headed for home, and had a boring, uneventful night without him.

Monday [24.01.2011]

Miss E. was 6 months old.
See blog post: Day 25 [Your day, in great detail]
There's no way in hell I am going through this again.

Tuesday [25.01.2011]

Mr. M had a day off and I was overcome by an overwhelming urge to sew.
I decided to make a "flag bunting" for Miss E's room.
I sent Mr. M. out to get my materials [secretly hoping he didn't stuff up my request].
Luckily, he didn't.
He came home armed with my goodies, before I realised I had no cotton, and no idea where the foot pedal for my sewing machine was.
The kids had a play & ate some garlic bread that I made, and they nicked, before bed.
The day ended with us hanging out together, he played WoW for a little bit, before chilling out with me while the kids were asleep.
WoW wasn't even down for maintenance.!
I was impressed.

Wednesday [26.01.2011]

Australia Day.
Mr M. had the day off, not because it was a Public Holiday, but because he always has Tuesday's and Wednesday's off.
I sent him out to do our shopping, because it was too hot to take the kids' out, in my opinion, and I wanted to get stuck into my housework.
I managed to get some of it done, before my two younger sisters came over for a PlayDate with the kidlets, luckily, they kept the kids entertained while I did the rest of my housework.
Mr. M tended to the outside of the house, mowing our front and backyards, weeding, getting dirty, etc.
The girls were picked up early afternoon, and Master S, Mr. M & Miss E. had an afternoon nap, as the day had been quite busy for all three of them.
After a few hours, Mum & Dad came to pick us up as we were heading back out for our "take two" trip, in the hopes that this time, Master S. didn't smack his head.
He didn't.
We didn't get our usual "spot" as it was crowded, and instead, ended up down the other end near the water, next to some drunk fools who love our country so much they were getting wasted & swearing... loudly. There was a police officer doing drive-by's and each time he left, one more drunk would get behind the wheel of their car and leave in a cloud of smoke.
The kids had a swim in the Dam after our dinner of KFC, and then we came home.
They have their Aunty Two sleeping over tonight, so as I speak, she's reading to Master S who is wearing his Buzz Lightyear knee-pads and one of Miss E's MCN's.

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