Sunday, January 2, 2011

My cloth adventure begins...

Today is the day where I put this whole "MCN" experience into play, with my daughter.
I have used cloth nappies before on my son, but was disheartened with the pins/snappies/pissing through EVERYTHING that I gave up & jumped on the disposable bandwagon.

I had no idea what an MCN was, until I was informed of the pro's by a friend. As Miss Munchkin has super sensitive skin, I decided I'd give these MCN's a go, in the hopes of clearing up her endless rashes & irritated skin, whilst saving some big bucks.!

So far, I am pleased to say, so good.
I am beginning to think my decision was a great one. She's comfortable, and I was impressed to find out that she did massive business & it caused her neither discomfort or soil her clothes. Win, win.!
Sure, I'll be doing a fair bit of washing, but luckily for me, this will save me money, rather than increase my bill. I often find I have to wait for two days worth of washing, for a load of washing that doesn't waste water. This way, the nappies will be saving me money in more ways than one by giving me bigger washing loads.

I'll see how we go by the end of the day, but so far she's happy & so am I.

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  1. mcn's are greaaattt. We use them all the time at home, the old fashion ones arent to bad.. I like using them as dust rags lol.