Monday, January 17, 2011

Point & Shoot

Not much happened this weekend for our little family. Saturday was a typical day & Sunday consisted of my little man smashing almost half a carton of eggs, and stomping them and some raw mince into my once lovely cream carpet. I was not impressed as I scrubbed and srubbed the carpets to remove any shred of what he'd done. Unfortunately, it took up the better part of my day. I was ropeable. I let Master S. outside to play, he mostly kept out of my way after he'd made the mess, as if he knew what he'd done was wrong. Just as I was finishing up the cleaning, he tore inside the house, stood shyly at my side, and hiding in his little hand behind his back he produced and then handed me a little dandelion weed with the tiniest stem on it, looked at me as if to say sorry & wrapped his arms around my neck. His actions were so sweet, I almost forgot what I'd been doing all day.

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