Monday, January 17, 2011


Just popped over to Fat Mum Slim to read Chantelle's new blog entry regarding iPhone apps. After reading other people's favourites, I decided to go on a "free spree". This is where I suss out all the awesome free applications, and add them, guilt free because they don't cost anything. I have just found one of THE best applications I have ever come across, and I am extra glad it's a free one because it's so darn awesome.

It's called

It is wonderful, and has given me so many ideas for dinner.
It has a "dinner spinner" and you can choose recipes for dinner, a party, an entree and loads of others. You can then choose the type of ingredients you want, and the time you have to spare on preparing and cooking said meals, and then it matches up the meals with what you have specified.

How nifty is THAT!?

I love my free sprees & I love MiPhone. The opportunities are truly limitless.

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  1. Lol I had that months ago on ze ipod... Handy thing eh!