Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, we got a Lizard.

Mr M. was offered a blue tongued lizard by a mate of his.
Now we have it. In our house. I didn't have a say in this.

I personally, think it's ugly as sin and would rather have a pet that is soft & fluffy, but it would seem both the kids, and the bigger kid that I married are all quite taken by the lizard, whose name is "Ajax", so it would seem that Mummy is outvoted & Ajax is here to stay. Master S. is obsessed with it. I am a tad concerned that he will get it out of it's tank while Mr. M. is at work. I don't want the thing running loose while I am at home with no-one except an overly lizard loving two year old, and a 5 month old who can snail crawl as my only protection against the thing. As long as it's WAAAAAYYYY away from me, we shouldn't have an issue. I don't know why any fool would offer Mr. M. a lizard. We have an awesome fishy [he has no name but he's awesome]. Now, why is our fishy awesome.!? Because he's contained in a "fish bubble" hanging on our wall. Ask me to change his water and I'm hightailing it out of here. I don't like gooey, creepy crawly things. 
Having said that, Master S. has a skink named "Dino" that lives at his Nana's house, and I quite like him. I even, patted him once, he ran, and I squealed. I think the reason I am okay with Dino is because he understands that humans and lizards are not a good mix & he hates me as much as I hate lizards. Anyway, I am running off to bed, because I have been left alone, with the lizard, and as much as Mr. M. has tried to convince me otherwise, I am scared that Ajax will get out of it's container thing & try to eat me alive. If that happens... I'll just use Miss E. as protection. She's fiesty.!! Having said that, she'd probably team up with Ajax against me, because she seems to like him very much.

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