Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 05 [Favourite Quote]

Now, I am sitting here, racking my brain for a quote that I would call my favourite. You have no idea how hard this is, when I am 23 years old and have heard many a quote that I like in many ways than one.

I can't say I have a favourite, because that would be picking one statement out of my whole life in which I enjoy more than any other. Considering, quotes are made in everyday speech, I am expected to sift through my whole life and pick ONE solitary statement that another person [famous or otherwise] has said, and deem it my favourite.

It's not possible for me to do this.
It's not possible for ANYONE to do this.

I will share a quote that I enjoy, not my favourite, as I don't have one.
Now, I need to sift through the many quotes I have enjoyed, or continue to enjoy over my life span, and pick just one quote to post here.

I assumed doing this would be difficult, but Mr M. has just provided me with one of the best quotes of all time.

"I need a game card".

Sure, it doesn't sound like a quote that would bring joy to anyone's lives, but for those of you who understand the quote, will understand how incredibly thrilled I am to be able to post it. A game card is required to play "World of Warcraft". An online game in which my husband has become far too involved in for my liking.

For him to say "I need a game card", means he cannot play the game until he gets one.

How delightful.!?

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