Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Selections

We spent the day at the pool, as it was [and still is] quite hot.
We slipped on our shirts, slopped on sunscreen & slapped on our hats & were ready for some fun in the sun.
And fun, was had by all.

Master S. climbing out of the pool so he can jump back in..

Miss E. impersonating her Daddy with a zinc "goatie".

Master S. doing his famous "frog" swim.

Enjoying a nice, cool swim in the pool with Nana.

Unfortunately, despite my incessant re-applying of sunscreen and zinc every half an hour, to myself as well as the kids, I managed to get sunburnt. On the face. Despite wearing my wide-brimmed hat. How does that even happen!?

*This post is part of "Sunday Selections" hosted by Kim from Frogpondsrock.!


  1. I sometimes think that it is from the reflection of the water that we get burnt in strange places like under the chin :) It looks like a lovely day at the pool. Thanks heaps for joining in :)

  2. I'll be in Australia in two weeks - I CANNOT wait to go to the pool daily :)

  3. It's winter here in England so these photos are beautifully warming!

    So sweet, those children! I think the last one is my favourite. :)