Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 [Whatever tickles your fancy]

It's hot.
Incredibly hot.
I have got our bathers, hats and sunscreen out, as we are going to the pool today.

The kids love the pool.
Master S. has been swimming since he was a week old [the main perk of having a summer baby].
Miss E. was a winter baby so wasn't lucky enough to get her swim on that early, but she's always been fond of bathtime, and is equally fond of the pool.

It's amazing how quickly they pick up what they have to do to stay afloat.
My kids have never had swimming lessons [I do plan on enrolling them] but with Nana's assistance [she used to be a lifeguard] they have become little swimming superstars.
Master S. is not afraid of water in the slightest.
This is wonderful, but also means we have to be extra vigilant around water.
He knows the pools, here, and knows which one's he needs to have a grown-up waiting before he can jump in.
Miss E. enjoys splashing and kicking her legs.
She also enjoys trying to drink the water.
I think she deliberately does it, just so we'll make a fuss and stop her from doing it.
"No Noo-Noo. Yucky water" makes her smile.
I think she's an evil genius and does things to deliberately gross me out.

I am not a strong swimmer.
In fact, my level of expertise goes as high as 'doggy paddle' and even then my arms and legs tire quickly.
So basically, don't drown near me because if I jump in to save you, we're both screwed, if I can't touch the bottom of the pool.
I want my kids to be strong swimmers.
I want to be confident that should they find themselves in a sticky situation, they know enough [and more] to get themselves out of it.
I firmly believe that swimming is a life skill.
Much like learning to drive, I believe learning to swim is just as important, if not more so.

You may wonder if why, if I have those beliefs, I cannot swim myself.
Did I not have lessons?
Yes, I did.
So what happened?
Much like every child, I participated in school swimming every year.
Unfortunately, the swimming instructors are unable to dedicate enough time teaching students "one on one" and there is always that one kid who struggles, panics when they can't touch the bottom, and ultimately gives up trying. That child was me.
I was enrolled in private swimming lessons, my Mum tried to teach me how... it was a matter of me not wanting to learn. I did not enjoy learning how to swim, and if you don't enjoy something, you aren't going to give it your best, are you?
So, that is why I cannot swim.
Why don't I learn how to now?
I have even been offered free swimming lessons by a dear friend of mine who is an instructor, yet lives very far away.
It's my stupid pride that stops me from asking for help.
Instead, I insist on my kids learning what I cannot.

Luckily for me, they take after their Daddy & Nana in the swimming department, and not only do they each enjoy swimming, I have had professionals tell me that my kids have a natural talent, which is extraordinary, since, as I have said, neither has had lessons, aside from what Mum has taught them, AND they share my DNA.

Master S. playing in the pool at Nana's house with some floaty device.

Looks like I'll have to start getting used to 5am wake-up's for when one of them decides they want to be an Olympic Swimmer, huh?

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  1. Its great they are learning to swim, Its a great thing to teach a child, and its super handy on hot days.

    Tilds has way to much confidence in the water, it makes me paranoid. She doesnt like being held in the water and swims off on her own. She is moving up to the advance toddler swim classes next month because of this. Still makes me bloody paranoid tho.