Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Songs

I have just finished reading Emma's latest post over at Mind Your Mum and decided that the first song of the two I have to write about for today is going to be a song that reminds me of the happiest/craziest days spent with my oldest & dearest friends.
At the time, we were a miserable awkward bunch, but looking back on it, despite how 'miserable' we were then, we also had some of the best times of my life.
The second song, is my life - NOW - in a nutshell. A very nutty, nutshell.

1. I don't know how many people will remember, or know of this song, but it was the highlight of my life at 14. I can safely say every friend of mine got this CD for Christmas 2002. It was $2.00, and to me, it was the best buy of the YEAR. [Mainly because I was still too young to get a job and was living purely off loose change I found under the couch cushions at home, or the change people left in their dumped shopping trolleys.

2. Now, the contrast on how different my life has become since having kids. Back in the days when I could watch whatever television shows I wanted [I mainly watched MTV] have now been changed to watching whatever keeps the kids happy. I've found that even though they don't sit down and watch television all day long, they do like to hear the music from the cartoons, in the background, so my television is on all day, regardless of no-one actually watching it. I have been told "NO MUM!" when I have even tried to put a CD of my own on while doing the housework. I have had to "Google" the number one songs of the years my kids were born for their Baby Record Books. I could walk past Katy Perry in the street and not even realise who she is, that is how much my life has changed since having children, and this is what I listen to nowadays. Enjoy... NOT.!

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