Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Place & Yours

Each Tuesday, Danielle at Hello Owl hosts "My Place & Yours". Where she gives us a theme, and we post photo's fitting in with the theme for the week. Head on over & join in on the fun.!

 This week's theme is: Stripes.

Now, in order to participate, I needed to search for something in my house that is stripey. My couch is "patterned", not stripey, so I had to get off my bum and look elsewhere for something that was stripey. This proved to be fun, NOT. I have nothing remotely stripey in my house. I went as far as raiding the kids' toy boxes for stripes. Master S. "helped" by holding up toys, not understanding what I was looking for, only to be met with "Nope, that's got no stripes, either". Disheartened we ended up back in the lounge-room on our way to the kitchen to find stripes, when out of no-where, my daughter Miss E. crawled to my feet and sat playing with a pair of her pants [I don't know where she got them from.!? Fate, perhaps!?].

Miss E. in a stripey shirt, with stripey pants in her hands.

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