Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Films

Here is a list of films that make me go mmmm... Okay, they actually make me go "WTF!?"
Do not ask me how I came across them, or even why I watched them. If you have seen, or heard of, them you will understand why they make me go "WTF!?"

1. "Welcome to the Dollhouse": All I remember of this film is the lead character [named Dawn Weiner] being bullied by her classmates. This resulted in her having to take a "dump" in front of one. Sounds cruel, but I laughed. What the f**k!?

2. "Happiness": Don't even get me started on this. Again, there are several things that stand out in my recollection of this, one being Camryn Manheim [you may remember her from such roles as Eleanor in 'The Practice' & Delia in 'Ghost Whisperer'] killing, cutting up & storing the body of some man in her freezer. I have recently learned that the director of this film, also directed "Welcome to the Dollhouse". Why does this not surprise me?

3. "Pin": It had a life-like doll, and a nurse molested the life-like doll. That's all I remember.

I just want to specify that I was neither drunk, nor on any illicit drugs [see previous post for confirmation]  when the watching of these films occured. I was on nightshift, and watched Pay-TV before bed.

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