Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Foods

I am guessing I am supposed to list 5 foods I like, rather than just naming 5 foods, because that would be pointless. So here are 5 foods I am fond of:

1. All green vegetables. I am an avid vegetable fan, but since I loathe pumpkin, and am not a massive fan of sweet potato, I cannot say I like all vegetables. I do, however, like all green vegetables. Yes.. even Brussel Sprouts.!

2. Pickled Onions. All I can say is: "YUMMY".

3. Olives. Like pickled onions, I can eat these a jar at a time - and then drink the liquid in the jar. Delightful.

4. Meat. [i.e. If it's found on a farm, I'll eat it. However, I refuse to eat duck, rabbit or kangaroo]. I feel no guilt whatsoever eating a roast while watching "Babe".

5. Hazelnut chocolate [Ala Cadbury]. Refrigerate it, and I could eat it everyday.!

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