Monday, February 7, 2011

Point & Shoot

Master S. excitedly showing me Ajax [in his old "tub"]

On the weekend, Master S. had a sleep-over at Nana's.
When my parents brought him home, they also brought over a new tank for Ajax.
Ajax has been living in a plastic tub [see above picture] which Ajax's original owner had him in for a year.
He couldn't see out.
How boring.
In my opinion, it was cruel.
His new tank is glass, and a lot bigger than the tub, so after "Project: Ajax Relocation", I'm happy to report that Ajax is quite happy in his new surrounds, I think he even likes Master S. pressing his face up to the glass, rather than have his chubby little hand reaching in and picking him up.
[I know which I prefer, too.!]

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