Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 Places you want to go

1. Sicily. This is a long time dream for me, and I do hope to be able to fulfill it one day.

2. England. My grandfather's family came from England, and my husband's family are from England, I'd love to convince the Hubby to get on a plane with me to go over there. Have you seen the grass in England!? It looks awesome in HeartBeat. I'd love to roll on it.!

3. The Melbourne Aquarium. I think my children would like it as much as I would.

4. Moomba. The more years that pass, the less likely it is that I will go, as I am overly careful & always think of the worst case scenario. Lately, I have been convinced I'd get stabbed or crushed at Moomba, despite wanting to go.

5. A concert. I would love to go to a U2 or Matchbox Twenty concert, but again, my fear of being stabbed or crushed is stronger than my desire to go.

6. Sydney. I have been once. It was shit. I'd like to eventually try and mend my relationship with Sydney by going again and get some sightseeing done, rather than forever have "Sydney = Shit" imprinted on my brain.

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