Saturday, February 5, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... Electricity

This past week on my spot on the map it has been ridiculously hot.
Without my Air-Con, I think my kids would have been more miserable than they were because of the heat.

Then, as quick as you can say "WHAT!?"
We had rain. Not just a little bit, a LOT of rain.
Pouring, puddle and mud making rain.
It was still hot, but there was no way in heck my washing was going to dry on the line.
That's where my nifty little dryer comes in.

 We had a power outage last night.
Luckily, it lasted for less than 20 minutes.
Seriously, if it had've been longer, we would have been stuffed.
Why, you ask?
Everything in our house is electric, except our heater [which considering the weather we've been having, serves no purpose at the moment].
Our stove, oven, hot water, EVERYTHING is electric.
Without electricity, we were stuffed.
My whole life flashed before my eyes when the power went down.
[Not literally, but I came to realise just what we'd lost when it went down & it wasn't just the movie I was watching.!]
In under 20 minutes we were lit back up and the world made sense again.!

The Electricity Board is the new God.
Yes, "Let there be Light.!"

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  1. I think the whole way our communities run would be stuffed without electricity...sometimes I think we're a little too dependent on it! We certainly have things a lot easier having it available to use when we have little kids I understand your gratitude.