Thursday, February 3, 2011

8 Fears.

1. Losing the people I care most about. This thought has been the cause of many a sleepless night for me. There isn't a single thing I wouldn't do to protect my children or husband.

2. Other people's driving. It scares the shit out of me.! I don't know how confident they are with their ability, but I am not confident with anyone but myself driving. At least I know what my next move is going to be.!

3. Chickens. I have explained in a previous post why this is so. I am also in the grips of fear when I hear a bird's wings flapping near my head, in case they crash into me, or hurt me.

4. Moths. Butterflies are also on my list of fears.
"Oh, but butterflies are so pretty..."
BULL. They are just colourful moths.! Stick a moth in my face, I will kill it, and then will probably kill you... or think about killing you, and just kick you instead.

5. Spider webs. It's not so much what lives in the webs, as the web itself. Having one touch me scares the life out of me, and being witnessed doing an awkward ninja dance [a.k.a. the waving the web off yourself movements] scares me even more.

6. Shadows. Not in the "ARGHHHH IT'S FOLLOWING ME" sense, but when I am alone at night, outside, I imagine every dark patch could be hiding some psycho, waiting to get me. Actually, it's not so much the shadows, but the dark itself that I am afraid of.

7. Julia Roberts' teeth. They are big enough to give her mouth a "tombstones at a cemetery" effect. I am afraid she's going to bite me through the television screen. I don't know how Richard Gere let that thing go anywhere near his junk region in Pretty Woman.!?

8. Heights. I'm short. I was designed to be close to the ground. Being up high is extra scary when you are little, like me.

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