Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank GOD It's FRIDAY!?

Today is Friday and can I just say I am not thanking God it's Friday.
In fact, I'm not thanking God for anything.
The good old Reverend rang me this morning stating "We need to catch up!" before asking if 1pm is a suitable time to pop over. Okay, at 8am, my brain isn't working well enough to lie to a Priest, and I was a tad confused about why he'd be calling me claiming "we need to catch up!". It's not like he's part of my social crew, like the kick-arse Mum's from PlayGroup, so I beg to differ about us needing to catch up.
Come 1 o'clock, I had my children in clothes [regardless of the heat, I didn't think sporting only nappies was suitable "in the presence of Jesus' representative" attire], and Father D had knocked on my door.
I was polite, awkward, and curious as to what it is we need to catch up about.
I had a feeling that it was in regards to me not showing up to Church since Christmas, but since I didn't think missing 6 Sundays of Church was reason enough for him to desperately seek a catch-up, I was curious all the same.
In troops the Father, in a t-shirt and shorts, which alone put me into shock. He almost looked like a person!
Then, after 2 hours, YES, 2 HOURS, of awkward chitter-chatter [ranging from his son's girlfriend having "sex" with lots of people behind his son's back, to his daughter's many travels around the world, to the prices of fuel, the weather, and disciplining children] I still don't know the reason he came over.
He did ever so subtly hint that he hopes to see us in Church, and if missing Church means he's going to come to my house and stay longer than one of his sermons, then I will either relocate... or go to Church!
The moral of the story is, don't avoid Church. It's weird when the Father comes to your house and while trying to behave like Super Suzie Homemaker, it's obvious you aren't when your son is asleep on the floor, and your daughter crawls over to him, put her hand down his butt crack, in front of the Priest, regardless of you trying to dress them so they look like neat and tidy children. Good Lord :/

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  1. Maybe he had another ulterior motive. You never know. (I know I'm terrible thinking that about the clergy.) What can I say?