Thursday, February 24, 2011

How did I not know THAT was in my knickers?

Well, after reading [and giggling] at Maxabella loves... for finding a frog in her undies two days ago, it would seem this has come back to bite [luckily, not literally] me on the bum.
This morning I was up bright and early for PlayGroup.
We were all ready to leave the house, and while the kids were happily playing together, waiting to go, I ducked off to the loo for a morning sprinkle.
As I've pulled down my pants, and whipped down my granny undies,
I saw something out of the corner of my eye crawling off my undies, and onto my leg.
In a startled flick of my hand, I flung it off me.
The thing then ran around the floor beneath my feet.
[I struggled to see where it went because I had my pants around my ankles].
After it made an appearance, and I realised what it was, I screamed for Master S to get me a shoe.
By this stage I'd slid my pants and knickers off, pulled my feet up and was trapped pantsless on the loo, screeching for my two year old to save the day.
Oh dear God.
I didn't even get to do my business, after I realised Master S couldn't open the door even if he did come to my aid, I jumped off the toilet, bolted out the door into Miss E's room, where I grabbed some clean undies that for some reason, were on her bedroom floor.
In my new clean undies, I made a dash through my house looking for a shoe, and my iPhone, because the moment this happened, I knew I needed a photo, as it immediately occured to me to publicly humiliate myself by posting this story.

The evil bastard spider that was hiding in my undies.
Does anyone know what type of spider this is!?

Needless to say, I took a photo, stomped on the little f**ker, shook out my pants & put them back on, and made it to PlayGroup on time.
I've just realised, I never ended up having that morning sprinkle.


  1. Oh my gosh. Okay, I am trying not to laugh at your story, as I also had a chuckle at Bron's story and it might be my turn next! I love that you had the thought to take the photo (sorry, no idea what type of spider it is), it's funny how blogging turns experiences like this into opportunities to share with the world

  2. Popping in from AMB :)
    Like your blog and am not a follower.

    Lol, at the spider. Actually no. If it were me I'd be all hypochondriac style all day maybe it bit me and i feel 'this' because it bit me. Haha.
    Ive seen those spiders around my house, no idea what it is either sorry.

  3. LOL, it reminds me of something that happened to me once. Back in the mists of time (when I was about 17), I was sitting around with my friends one lunch time commenting that there was a sore spot on the side of my boob, kind of like something was biting me. I kept trying to scratch and squash inconspicuously, but nothing I was trying worked. I had to work that afternoon and as myself and another girl were getting changed in the change room, I told her about what was going on and said that it felt like there was a bug biting me. At that point, I decided to take my bra off and investigate and found that there had been an ant sitting there biting the side of my boob since lunch time. How that little sucker got in there, I don't know, but he was very dead once I found him there.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies :)
    Sidetracked, I too have been bitten by ants, but never on the boob, lol.

  5. OMG! Funny story but how scary!!! I'm pretty sure it's a white tail spider and they are very bite can cause ulcerous sores that never heal, so you are very lucky it didn't bite you, especially in your nether region. I have these around my house all the time too, they seem to come from the roof cavity, down through the vents and I mostly see them around my bathroom and loo, though have found them in my washing basket (clean clothes) as well. I hate killing anything but don't hesitate when I see these ones. If that is a white spot on its tail it's definitely a white tail and all I can say is pay extra attention from now on...

  6. I thought it might have been a whitetail and I have seen a whitetail bite on someone's ankle so I am so, so, so glad it didn't bite me... down there. Hahahahaha.
    Yes, I have found them in my bathroom and loo, as well.
    Every morning I do a quick hunt around before I bath my kids, and never leave dirty clothes on the floor because I've found they are a nasty surprise when I pick up my washing to take it to the laundry!

  7. bahahahaha That'd be me, pants-less clinging to the toilet cistern for dear life! Nasty looking fecker innit?

  8. Oh gawd, what a story. LOL
    And what a great sense of Bloggerism (just made that word up I think) to make a photo. Thanks for the laugh. I'm glad I live in the Netherlands, where all native spiders (as far as I know) are quite harmless. Although, I would totally freak out if I found one in my underwear.

    (And now back to the Sunday Selections.)

  9. Yep my first thought when I saw the photo was WHITETAIL! thank goodness it didn't bite you.
    Guess it has been the week for wildlife stories because I had a spider incident on Friday night, involving a redback in my bathroom.
    I'll be glad when summer's over.