Saturday, February 26, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... My Husband

When he found out I was pregnant, he stood by me.
He was there for my labours.
He changed nappies.
He woke up during the night & nursed our babies back to sleep.
He teaches them things.
He reads to them.
He tells them he loves them, and more importantly, he does.
I am grateful for him, his support & his love.

Mr. M & Master S.

Mr. M & Miss E.


  1. such sweet newborn pics! I love when they are all squishy :)

  2. Lucky bubbas, lucky you, lucky dadda. x

  3. I love these photo's.
    I also love the photo that was snapped on our wedding day when he saw me for the first time.
    They are my proof that regardless of the fact he's a big, tough bloke, he's just a big softy.
    He's amazing, and I can't tell him enough how lucky we all are to have him.

  4. Love these sweet pictures. I so love newborn babies but I love a supportive dad even more! keep up the great work dad! Naomi x