Friday, February 18, 2011

Letter to my Children.

I've decided to make this a semi-regular thing, kidlets. The last letter I wrote to you both was a bit of a whingey one. I have kept a diary of your first year Master S. but was a lot busier and worn out to find the time to do with this for you Miss E. I don't want you to think I love you less. I just had more time when your brother was a baby, because once he was asleep, I had all the time I needed to write.
Now, it's tough because when one of you is asleep, the other is awake. Plus, I find it hard to whip out a pen and paper when either of you are awake because you naturally assume I want to colour.
At least by typing your letters online, I know they will forever be safe, and not get ripped up, scribbled on and will be able to be read again some day.
Today was full-on. It started with me waking before you both. There was approximately 10 minutes I was able to sit down and watch you sleeping thinking how lucky I am to have you both.
It was soon interrupted by you, Master S, waking up with the energy I can only dream of mustering after 20 cups of coffee, and resulting in your over-excitement for the day waking Miss E.
Our day "began" when Miss E was woken.
We did the usual stuff.
Breakfast, which resulted in me cleaning food you two decided to play with after you were both full.
Then the bathing regime.
This is the fun part of our day.
It starts with me running the bath, getting the right temperature just in time for you, Master S to jump in.
You don't mind if you have clothes on, and lucky for me you've been wearing only nappies to bed so I can manage to get it off you before you sit down and get it saturated.
In the time you are off on your splashing adventure, I then get your sister undressed and sit her in there with you.
You calm down the moment she hits the water, and you both giggle as I wash you both before we play the "Miss E's a dinosaur" game. It consists of me making her "swim" towards you, Master S. as you "ROAR" like a dinosaur. You both end up giggling.
I soon take Miss E. out & leave you swimming for a moment Master S. while I dry her.
You then pull the plug out and make the mad dash down the hallway towards the loungeroom naked & wet while I say "Be careful Master S, you'll slip". Occasionally you do slip, but today you didn't.
After you were dried & dressed Miss E. you sat down & watched me chase your naked brother around the lounge-room. I succeeded in only getting a nappy on him before he was up & running around again.
I tidied up a little bit, while you both played happily together, before I decided we should make a chocolate cake.
I mixed it all together, and had it in the oven while you both licked a beater each, and then helped me lick the bowl. This resulted in a "bathroom sink bath" to clean you both up.
Full of chocolate & waiting for our cake, we watched Larry the Lawnmower & read some books together.
Before long the cake was out of the oven and cooling down.
We played some more together, I believe it was chasey, and we all ended in a giggling heap in time for lunch.
After I made your sandwiches, and cleaned up the mess you both made, I decided to give you both some cake. This resulted in more mess, but I left the cleaning up for some more play.
After lunch Master S. you decided you couldn't cope with being awake and fell asleep on the couch.
After a feed, you soon followed suit Miss E.
While you both rested peacefully, I did some dishes, had a shower in peace, caught up on all our washing, then had some time on the computer.
After a delightfully peaceful hour and a half, you were both awake in full force.
Master S. decided after playing he was going to pull all the Beanie Kids. off our bookshelf, and you Miss E. decided to go investigate. After moving you both away several times with the warning that the bookshelf was going to tip, neither of you chose to listen to me, and as I turned around, I caught sight of Miss E. holding the bottom shelf, as you Master S. grabbed a higher shelf. It tipped, and I saw it going.
The whole room was a blur except you guys sitting on the floor as the massive bookshelf was hurtling towards you both.
I moved quicker than I ever have and grabbed you both [don't ask me how] with my left hand and pulled you both out of harm's way, as I caught the bookshelf with my right hand, and lifted my right knee to support it some more.

The offending Bookshelf that nearly landed on you both.
You both screamed in fright, and continued sobbing.
  I was shaking as I stood the bookshelf back up.
I stood there holding it for about five minutes to make sure it wouldn't tip again and carefully re-packed all our Beanie Kids back on the shelves while you both sat stunned and crying.
I checked you both over once I was finished and am pleased to report, despite the fright, the only injury sustained was a bruise on my leg, used to support the bookshelf.
We all sat in the middle of our loungeroom playing quietly, and reading in the aftermath of our incident.
I checked the clock and realised it wouldn't be too long before your Daddy was home, so decided to tidy up again, so he wouldn't think I'm a lazy bum, and he walked in the door shortly after to find us all reading quietly on the floor.

Fast forward a few hours and we had dinner, another bath for you both, before getting into your pajamas and ready for bed.
You fell asleep early, Miss E. and left your brother and I watching television together.
We popped on the movie "The Witches" and after a baby in a pram hurtling towards the edge of a cliff, you Master S. became so unsettled patting Miss E's sleeping body saying "Oh Bub-Bub" that I decided despite the G rating, that movie was not a good one for you to watch.
We flicked to find "Marley & Me" and after you giggled constantly & woofed at the puppy on television, you decided you couldn't stay awake anymore.
You are now both fast asleep & I am left alone as my day began.
Watching you sleep thinking how lucky I am to have you both.
I love you both to the moon & back.
Love always & forever,
Mummy xoxox 

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