Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mummy *Face-Palm* Moments

You all know the moments I am talking about.
The moments where you are left slapping yourself in the forehead saying "You eeeediot, Stimpy".

Cutest Face-Palm I've ever seen.!

I had a moment just like this today.
Master S & Miss E were treating me like a jungle gym.
I called a time-out and told Master S to play chasey with Miss E while I had a sit-down/coffee/recuperated.
Within moments of the words "Master S, why don't you play chasey with Miss E" flying out of my mouth, I slapped myself in the forehead with my palm. Why? Because he's two, she's 6 months old, and as our game of chasey ended in me being jumped on, naturally, he's going to assume the same of his game of chasey with Miss E.
Sure enough, he bowled her over and tried to rough her up.
And what does Miss E do in this situation.
Escapes practically unscathed, without a tear in her eye, and tries to climb on her brother in retaliation.
Phew, problem averted.!

The reason for this post is simple.
I want to hear about your Mummy *Face-Palm* Moments.
If I get any interest at all, I will be creating a meme to be held once a week based solely on those moments.
Why do I want to know about your moments?
Because as a wonderful side effect of PND, I sometimes feel like a total failure.
These moments make me feel isolated.
"So & So would never do something THAT stupid, why don't I think of these things.!?"
It's logical that I am not alone.
Illogically, I want proof.
Who knows, it could help you as much as it will help me.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm sure I've had a lot of those... but I can't remember a single one now that you've asked. Maybe, I should write them down as they happen for future reference ;)

  2. I have too many of these moments, some I remember some I forget, but I am notorious for comparing my mothering ability to other's, and despite knowing I shouldn't, I always do it, and I need confirmation that other Mum's are human and do stupid things like I do, and I'm not alone :)