Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Place & Your's

This post is part of "My Place & Yours", which is hosted by Danielle at Hello Owl. Every Tuesday she asks us where a certain item is in our home, and this week she wants to see my stash... my READING stash. I am baring my soul here, people. I would like to warn everyone that my book collection is large and unco-ordinated, so I have decided to take a photo of the book I am currently reading, and a photo of the books I have read recently, and would also like to warn that the books I have read "recently" are not all the books I have read recently... unfortunately, I have blogged in the past about the vicious cycle of reading Virginia Andrews' novels, and unfortunately, I am back to where I started.

The book I'm reading now...

Some of the books I've read recently...

I do read more than this during the day. In fact, I can read anywhere up to 10 books [multiple times] per day. But... they look a little something like this:

I know majority of these books off by heart. Go me.!

You are probably curious how I manage to read so much with two kidlets, whilst battling it out with my housework, and I have to say until recently I stopped reading altogether. I made no time for it, and my brain turned to mush, so I have included it into our routine, so I can keep my mind active. Master S reads quietly during the day [without my help] so I can read a chapter, whilst giving his sister a feed. Then I will help them read, and continue my book after they are asleep. I read quickly. I absorb and enjoy books a lot more, the quicker I read it, oddly enough.!

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  1. oh it's good that your kids like reading!

  2. I love children's books. I have the biggest stash and am always wanting to add to it. I should have taken a photograph of all my uni textbooks..

  3. When I think about it, Virginia Andrews was the Stephanie Meyers (Twilight Saga)of the 80s. The hype and popularity are the same, and even the book covers are similar. You'll get to the rest of your stash one day! xx