Thursday, March 3, 2011

Psychotic Parents Search.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Bonds telling me it was "That time of Year again".
Yes, the Bonds Baby Search.
I entered Master S in 2009, and decided since I now have Miss E, I'd enter them both for 2011.
Because I love showing off my kids. I also love browsing through the thousands of entrants and seeing the sweet chubby faces of the other entrants. They all look different, but they are all beautiful.

I browsed the list with Master S sitting next to me pointing at every baby saying "Bub".
But, it's been warped from something fun into something ugly.
When my two year old looks at the babies, he smiles & says "Bub".
He see's them for what they are, babies.
There are adults out there targetting babies, innocent, defenseless babies, for how they look, and making disgusting remarks about them.

My son is at an age where a baby is a "bub", like his sister.
A toddler is like him.
A woman is like Mum.
A man is like Dad.

There's no difference between him & another child of the same age.
There's no difference between him & his friend at PlayGroup who has darker skin than him.
To him, they are the same.
To me, they are the same.
They are both two year old boys.
They are both cheeky.
They are both funny.
They have a friendship that is truly beautiful to watch.
Yes, they fight with each other,
Not because they don't look the same,
It's never been about that,
But because when one is playing with something, odds are the other child wants the same toy.

Why can't adults see the world the way my child does?
We all want to be treated as equal, but we aren't.
Some parents in the Bonds Baby Search have made me realise how inequal we are.
Not because their skin is a different shade of white to mine.
Not because their family was probably in this country longer than mine.
But because we are different in our way of thought,
Which ultimately will lead to the difference in our parenting.

My main concern as a Mother is that my children will be happy and healthy.
I know the world is a cruel place, but I had hopes that we were past the point of racial & religious slurs and could get the fuck on with it.
Obviously not.
If a parent see's things so "black and white", odds are their child will be raised the same way.
Their child will never get to truly appreciate the world for what it is,
And instead their views and understanding will be tarred by something ugly.

I am debating on whether or not to remove my kids from the Bonds Baby Search.
Something fun for myself, and my kids has been ruined, and I know that from here on in, I will never participate again.
Some people should be ashamed of themselves.
Their ugliness runs through their blood, the way they think, and act,
Not because of how they look.



  1. Really? I haven't even had a look at the bods baby search yet.... Might have a look... And vote for some kiddies.

  2. I entered my baby boy of r fun and have been shocked by the horrible things going on. I am also contemplating withdrawing my entry. It's so sad that some people have ruined it for everyone else.

  3. you are kidding me!

    but you know what? we can only hope that children who grow up with these point of views being thrust upon them will be given the opportunity elsewhere in their lives to be exposed to people who do NOT think this way...

    I think that lots will, some wont.

    But surely, this stuff WILL eventually filter out of our society


    Gill xo

  4. The whole thing has left a very bad taste in my mouth. Great Post xo

  5. It's disgusting. I thought it was bad the first time things got ugly, didn't realize just how much worse it was going to get.

  6. I haven't seen the Bonds competition yet. Doesn't sound too good from what you have said.

    I think when we see how our children see the world through their eyes we get a glimpse of how the world should be.

    Happy FYBF. I'm a follower now.