Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Creeps think you should like them.

Okay, let me just start by saying I was bullied in Primary School.
It was not as vicious or severe as bullying you see nowadays,
In fact, it was just name calling, but that ate away at my self confidence.
Had I known what I know now, I probably would have punched my bullies in the face and been done with it.

Me aged 7.

My bully was one genius girl who used her abnormally large friends henchmen to intimidate me,
and it worked.
Who wouldn't be intimidated by a 6 year old giant who resembles the troll in Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone?
I say My Bully was a genius because she was very clever.
I had buck teeth as a kid, so naturally, I got the nickname "Bugs Bunny".
Seriously, that was the best she had.
I obviously had a complex about it back then for it to hurt my feelings.
Who wouldn't, I guess?
I wasn't able to close my mouth properly.
I was also targeted for being a thumb sucker.
Just want to specify I never sucked my thumb, never had a dummy or anything that was "my fault" for having buck teeth.
I had overcrowding of the mouth, and several thousands of dollars later,
I am incredibly proud of the way I look,
And wish I had the confidence I have now back then because they all needed a slap for thinking they were creative by using "Bugs Bunny" as an insult.

Anyway, to the core of my story.
I was bullied from Grade 1, through to Grade 6 by the same group of arseholes girls.
That's 5 years of the same taunts everyday.
I ignored them. That didn't stop them.
I told on them. That didn't stop them.
In the end I embraced the idea of High School knowing all of those bitches were going elsewhere to me.

I got braces in Grade 4, and by Year 7, I didn't need them anymore.
My 13th Birthday was the end of wearing braces,
And in all honesty, was the end of my taunting.
I was never teased for my teeth again.

It has been a long time since I have seen any members of the "Snob Squad" as I named them.

[I did end up in High School with one of them, one who was nice to me, and whose only crime was being their friend when they bullied me, and I must say even though we don't speak now, she's become quite successful. You go girl!]

In the nearly 12 years it's been since I've seen any of those jerks, a lot has changed.
The difference in my teeth is one.
The fact that I completed school, got married and became a mother, is another.
There is only one thing that has not changed in that 12 years, and that is the raw feeling of hate I have for those girls who made my early schooling a nightmare.
You may be wondering why I am blogging about this.

Because one of said girls has tried, and failed many times to add me as a friend on Facebook.
Yes, it's been a long time.
Yes, I do have people added on my Facebook that were in Primary School with me.
But my "friends" list is reserved for that.
I hated her for 5 whole years.
Just seeing photo's of her now makes me wish I had been strong enough back then to point out all HER shortcomings, and see how she liked being laughed at. See how she liked being called names.

She's tried, several times to add me, and I have resorted to blocking her after the millionth "why aren't you adding me?" email.
She's even gone as far as asking her mother who was friends with my mother in High School to make me add her.
My Mum knows my reasons for not adding her [and so does she] but the constant adding attempts continue.

I blocked her, just so she'd piss off.
But what does one do when blocked... rather than go away and get a life?
She makes new Facebook accounts and tries again.

Don't get me wrong, I am awfully flattered that her life revolves around making me like her, when years ago, it revolved around her making my life a misery.
I would be enjoying this a lot more if it wasn't creepy, and I didn't have a busy life.

I'm not de-activating my Facebook, as it's the only way I can keep in touch with people at this stage, but seriously, it's getting on my nerves having her ugly profile photo show up in my Requests list.
I even left one friend request pending, and posted a bitchy status about her, so she'd see it and she STILL tries to add me as a friend.

What would you do in this situation? It's a little too weird for me.


  1. Oh Tara. I have posted about this before. Or something similar. The whole Facebook 'Friend' thing gets me, because this girl clearly never was or has been your friend. Just keep doing what you're doing. Ignore it. I guess you could change the way your name appears on Facebook, like hyphenate with your middle or maiden name or something and if she's not very clever she might not be able to find you. What a stalker! Good luck with it, let us know how you go xx

  2. Thank you for your advice Jess.
    Unfortunately, she'll find me by using my maiden name because I never changed my name when I got married.
    I have resorted to removing my profile from the search engine, which is a shame because I am still looking for people via Facebook, and this makes me harder to find, but she's driving me mental x