Sunday, March 6, 2011


How can you make someone see reason?
When they obviously don't want to.
Make them see the hurt they've experienced at the hands of another,
When they have seemingly forgotten it,
As if it didn't happen?

How can you make someone open their eyes,
And not just look, but really see,
That they had so much,
Before they took two steps backwards?

How can you make someone think,
Like a mother,
For their child,
Instead of like a child,
For themselves?

Do I just stand back,
And let them see their own mistake when it hits them like a train,
And it will,
Or do I stand up and say,
What I've said,
Time & time again,
Only to be ignored?

I know it's better to let someone learn,
From their mistakes,
On their own,
But when this person has hurt someone,
And again,
And again,
How can I stand back & let it happen,
When there's another person to consider now?


  1. Shit Tara.
    I could have written this myself.
    Feeling exactly the same lately xx

  2. Love your blog!
    Will definitely be back :-)
    I can totally relate to this poem.
    Lovely post :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys,
    It's a nightmare.
    She is not only forgetting everything this person did to her,
    But is forgetting everything he's done to her family that caused a lot of trouble for them.
    I am losing sleep.
    Is it wrong to want to turn my back on my own sister?

  4. It isnt wrong at all... Hopefully it will be such a kick in the arse to her that she'll stop and think about whats happening... best of luck darl! that poem was awesome! easy to relate to!