Monday, March 7, 2011

Point & Shoot

Aside from the illness that tarred my Happy House, there was something else eating away at the foundations of our lives, and has done for the past week.
Stress. It's still here.
Tearing away, eating away, causing my happiness to fray. Causing me unease.
Causing me to have no sleep.
Causing me grief.
Causing me to smoke like a chimney.
This past weekend, I tried to block it and focus on my family of four.
They need me, too. Need me more. Appreciate me more. Love me more.
And I need, appreciate & love them more than life itself.

Mr M & Miss E.

Myself & Master S.

Miss E & Master S.

They know that I am nothing without them.
I don't want to be without them.
They are my reason for being.


  1. Hope things calm down soon for you all.

    Lovin the family pics (as usual)!


  2. I hope the stress disappears. Remember to breathe. x