Saturday, April 16, 2011

Because I can.

Miss E took her first steps at 7 months old.
Aside from four to five steps before falling on her bum, that's all we've seen.
At 7 months old, despite reaching her milestones faster than Master S did, I didn't expect her to be walking for a few months yet.
She's proven me wrong.
She's been walking almost everywhere in the past two days.
8 months old and walking.
I'm over the moon, but wish she'd stay little for a little bit longer.

Master S and I

Master S has shown signs of growing up these past two days, too.
I have noticed a considerable change in his behaviour.
He hasn't thrown a tantrum in weeks.
He's talking a lot more, and is still incredibly active (as you can tell by the black eye he's sporting, courtesy of running into our desk).
He even sat still through the movie Hop at the cinemas on Saturday!
For him, the fact he didn't want to get out of his seat once, is amazing in itself. The fact he seemed to understand the film, showing the 'right' emotions at the correct times, is even more amazing.

You could say I am incredibly proud right now.
I am proud of them all the time, of course.
But this time, it's me I am proud of.
To think I was full of self-doubt just under a year ago. Unable to believe I could do it.
(Not to mention, of late with Mr. M working until after bedtime, I've been flying solo most days).
I have done it.
I'm still doing it.
And I'm doing a pretty great job.

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  1. Oh my goodness I can just imagine the looks you would get when people see a little 8 month old walking! How wonderful though!

  2. OMG 8 months - when they walk so early they look kinda cute and kinda ridiculously freaky at the same time. I think walkers are much easier to care for despite the hype. Go you good thing. XX

  3. I still think Master S looks tiny so seeing her toddling next to him is just insane. I have been told by Mum's (who I know are jealous because their older babies aren't walking yet) that it's bad for their legs to walk so early but I don't want to stop her and if I did want to, I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to! Haha.